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    Because she had to live a poor life with her single mother as a child, Suzu always wished to marry a rich husband. When her older boss confessed her love, she agreed and two years later. But suddenly her husband passed away from illness, leaving her and her husband's stepson to live together. Koji-kun is only two years younger than her. Since his father's death, he has lived a reclusive life, even skipping school and always locking himself in his room. Suzu wants to be determined to talk to Koji, at least force him to go to school. But when she entered his room, Suzu saw Koji's cock erect. Since her husband passed away, this was the first time she had encountered something like this. The sexual instinct that she had tried to bury for so long was emerging. She couldn't stop thinking about it. One time she couldn't control herself, she sucked Koji's cock deliciously. Koji woke up dreamily and discovered his stepmother sucking his cock. Suzu turned away in panic, but from there she learned that Koji had always liked her, liked her since the first day his father introduced Suzu to him...