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    She is a beautiful and modest woman, but her personality has completely changed since she returned to her husband's house. She became much more lustful than before, the main reason was not far away because her lustful father-in-law had lost all humanity. She had no idea that since she entered this house, she had been sexually abused. He watched with longing and lust, only when his husband was away did he reveal his true self, a man with a crazy hunger for sex. Mr. I pressed her down and raped her, stripped off every thin piece of clothing that covered her smooth white body and let her continuously scream and resist, his lustful blood boiled even more, as if to continue Power for a demon. After many times like that, until he was too bored because he had "played" with his daughter-in-law so many times, at this moment, she was the one who revealed the lustful personality hidden deep within her body. Perhaps because she was so familiar with her father's intense sexual actions, she couldn't stand her physically weak husband, so she had to go to him to help her relieve her sudden urges.