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    “Takashi-kun, please try to hold back until next month's hot spring trip.” Those are the words my father-in-law told me. The story is that my father-in-law has back pain and the whole family has not traveled together for a long time, so on the occasion of having a few days off next month, the whole family will go to a hot spring together. My father-in-law really wanted a grandchild. He heard that hot springs are good for "making babies", so he forced me to restrain myself and accumulate sperm for a whole month! And this day has come, because of suffering for this whole month, I've been craving it so much! But he kept asking but his wife still refused! Unable to sleep, I walked around to get some air and met my mother-in-law. Even though my mother-in-law is old, she is still extremely beautiful. Seeing my mother go into the bathroom, I suddenly followed. Looking at my mother's plump, sexy body, combined with the urge to control myself for a whole month, I couldn't control myself anymore! I rushed forward to take over my mother's body and released all the sperm that had accumulated for so long into her very core! After regaining my composure, I apologized to my mother and left. But the excitement was still there, I went to my mother's room, afraid that my father would wake me up, so she pulled me to the bathroom and took the initiative to fuck me! It turned out that because Dad had back pain, he hadn't fucked Mom for a long time. Mom's arousal had been building up even longer than mine! After understanding each other, the two continued to secretly make love throughout the trip. A few months later, my mother called my husband and I over and announced that she was pregnant. My wife and father-in-law are very happy, but only my mother and I know whose baby is in my womb...